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Impact Fees

In 2005 the Cañon City Fire District implemented Impact Fees. These fees are collected by Fremont County and the City of Cañon City during the initial building permit process.

The following is a brief description of Impact Fees and how they are calculated. Please feel free to direct any further questions or comments to our main Fire Station, Fire Station One, located at the address below.

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What Are Impact Fees?
An Impact Fee is not designed to raise money but to ensure adequate capital facilities to provide services.

Why Are Impact Fees Needed?

  • To reduce the burden of new development on current and future services
  • To prepare for future delivery of services
  • To provide financial assistance in order to meet the funding requirements needed for future apparatus, equipment, stations and training facilities

What Are Impact Fees NOT Used For?
Personnel Costs and Benefits

Common Questions:

Are Impact Fees used to address fire protection services only?
No, the Fire District provides a variety of emergency services including, but not limited to, ALS Emergency Medical Services, Hazmat Response, Technical Rescue, Extrication and Wildland Fire Response.

The Impact Fees collected would be used to ensure that our Fire District has the capability to respond quickly, competently and safely to all types of incidents, to all properties and each person living in our District. The fees will help us increase our service capabilities as the community grows and the demand for services increases.

How are Impact Fees Calculated?
Fees are non-discriminatory, and are applicable to residential, commercial, and industrial development.

The larger the structure, the greater the impact on the District, therefore fees are based on square footage and unit calculations.

Impact Fees are assessed based on the following calculations:

  • Single Family Residence $304.00
  • Multi-family residence: $304.00 for each unit of family residence and/or each apartment/town home/condominium or similar living unit. (e.g. $608.00 for duplex; $912.00 for tri-plex, etc.)
  • Non-residential buildings including hotels/motels: total square footage of that building divided by 2,000' and multiplied by $304.00. (e.g. 9,000 square foot non-residential structure would be divided by 2,000. The dividend of 4.5 would then be multiplied by $304.00 for a total impact fee of $1,368.00)